Wedding gift

One of my teammates got married yesterday, on the 4th of July, and I wanted to make something special for the fantastic couple.

I made the table runner slowly over two weeks unsure about my skills. All the fabric was chosen from my stash and I opted for the pre-made bias binding since I was getting too tired to make some and also nervous about messing it all up at the final stage. The colour of the binding I had on hand tied in very well with the darker strips and as I finished sewing the last edge I excitedly realised it was a keeper!


* I originally had batting/ wadding inside to make it sort of puffy but it made the bottom side pucker so I took the batting out and cut several inches off, keeping it to two layers of fabric.

* As I finished sewing the top and bottom layers, I squared it off and thought about how useful a cutting board and rotary blade would be.

To complement the table runner, I re-potted the best looking aloe we had been growing and placed it in a bright blue pot. I searched the DIY stores for a week but did not find the right size or colour and was relieved when Partner’s mom handed me a perfect blue pot she had picked up only days before our conversation. Adding a clear glass candle holder and four candles in greens and blues, we completed the gift.

July wedding present

When I was still unsure whether or not the table runner would be successful, I asked the bride about types of stores they would be likely to shop if I needed to go the emergency route and buy a gift certificate. I said I had been working on making something but didn’t know if it would work out. Her response was an enthusiastic “Oh, make us something!” which was reassuring.

It wasn’t until I finished the runner with pride, however,  and saw how well the plant and candles completed the theme with a caring simplicity, that I knew that I am getting better at expanding my crafting while still tuning the gift to the recipient.

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