Hair styles from the wedding

ceilidh july

Although hair-dos do not really have anything to do with crafting or refashioning, I am posting these here for future reference since we browsed old photos for hours searching for some of our past styles.   I feel that even with the same old outfit, a new hair-do can make me feel like I’m wearing something brand-new for a fancy occasion and more likely to use what I have in the interest of frugality and controlled consumption.

I was planning on wearing this dress I refashioned for a wedding last summer but in the end I wore a different one.  A week or so before the wedding I noticed a large smudgy stain on the stomach area- obviously a remnant of some delicious dish.  I soaked it in borax and washed it to discover that the stain had shrunk but was as dark as ever.  Having run out of borax, I decided to soak it again in Soda Ash, or Washing soda.  A “strong” solution as advised on the pack eventually removed it! I soaked it for around 5 hours just to be sure.  I already had all the matching jewelery for this dress but Partner suggested I wear a dress my sister offered for the borrowing.  I am glad I did because now I’ve injected some variety into my dress-wear and am more likely to think of the dress with fresh eyes next time.

A few posts ago I wrote about how wearing the same size led us to compete for shirts but it also means that the dress she brought on her holiday fit me perfectly!  You can see me in the red dress ceilidhing in the photo above.  With white shoes and a shawl, there wasn’t much accessorizing to do so I kept with the floral theme and wore a silver Charles Rennie MacIntosh inspired bracelet with rectangles and rose buds and two rose bobby pins.

My little sister really is awesome and did our hair for us before the wedding.  Here are the hair styles I hope to replicate in the future:

a's hair

B's hair rose buds



  1. How did Jamie do Al’s bun? I think both hair styles look awesome, but the bun might suit me and I need to think of some hair styles for weddings coming up!

    • She started with any part (centre for this one) and pulled it back into where she wanted the pony tail to sit. Then, she split the hair into 4 sections (North, South, East and West as she described it to me). With the Northern hair, you take the whole strip and roll the ends inward until you have a sort of bubble….like an bangle bracelet and pin that to the head. Then, to make sure the end result isn’t just 4 bubbles, you spread the edges around and pin them in place. Repeat with the other three segments, blending together at the edges. If that doesn’t make sense, maybe we’ll hear a word from the stylist….

      • No, it makes sense to me 🙂 So, she just used normal bobby-pins to hold the sections down?

      • I just came on to give directions, but see that someone beat me to it… I didn’t use a ton of bobby pins in Al’s chignon (sheen-yon), two for each curl, because I cross locked them and then maybe 6 more for keeping the filler pieces in place. They also have barrettes that make a chignon completely for you, which are completely great. I love wearing them with a drastic side part and then chignon off center at the nape of my neck. 🙂

      • Let’s clarify when you say roll them inward, that it’s not inward toward the center of the ponytail. The ends are inward, but the curl is away from the ponytail and inward towards the head. I hope that helped and didn’t confuse you more.

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