Updating the Wardrobe

I have two cute charity shop finds from the past week when I went in search of a dressy blouse.  No blouse ever ‘materialised’ (sorry, I had to!), but I found a nice trench coat and an angora blend sweater! The photos are a bit washed out, but the fabrics are not!

My current trench coat is looking worn and dingy and will be upgraded at some point in the future.  (I’m thinking about replacing the collar and adding some complementary fabric to the cuffs and piping). Until then, I have this fantastic springy green one to do the job!  Once I brought it home, I saw the “dry clean only” tag but since it is only a poly-cotton blend, I decided that it must be able to handle water.  I put it on a low temp delicate load designed for sweaters, hung it dry and it was fine!  As I placed it on the hanger, I figured out why it says to dry clean: the corners of the jacket bottom are folded, tucked up hems and are not tacked in place.  Not a big deal, I just tucked them back up and they held their shape. The photo doesn’t show the cute cherry lining!

Green Trench Coat

Next, I found an angora and nylon blend GAP wrap sweater.  It is very cosy and warm and I love the cap sleeves- they’re more versatile for the three similar seasons we get in Scotland.  When I first tried it on, I tied it in the back and couldn’t understand why the ties were so long…I envisioned taking it home and shortening them.  A few moments later, I tied it in the front in what can only be described as a ‘duh’ moment!

Angora gap wrap

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