People are Amazing

This link has nothing to do with refashioning really…As I was preparing to sit at my desk for the day and work on the thesis, I searched in facebook to find a link I had posted ages ago.  Sometimes when I focus so much on strengthening the links between theories or clarifying my introduction chapter I can lose sight of the larger picture: I am doing anthropology because I LOVE PEOPLE. They are amazing, fantastic, and capable of so many wonderful things. (They are, of course, also capable of horrible things…but that is why I want to work towards making a contribution in this world).  When I was in the wrong place at the wrong time (aka waiting for a new visa), I found this video and it filled me with joy.

Today, I used it as a reminder that there is more out there! I hope it makes you smile.



  1. I saw this video before! They were interviewing “Dancing Matt” I think on Good Morning America last spring. Great video!

  2. Thank you for bringing this video to my attention again. It is simply Beautiful… a great reminder that we are all brother and sisters in this together!

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