Alfa Standard

Several weeks ago, a friend gave me a sewing machine that she was not using. She received it on freecycle and never used it so was unsure if it worked.

I finally (waiting for my injured wrist to heal) took it out (it is the heaviest sewing machine I’ve ever carried!) and set it up. I have threaded the bobbin, wound the thread up through the wooden base and sewn a few stitches. I tested them on a knit fabric wrag so the next step is to get some cotton to test on and mess around with the dials until I figure out the tension. I cannot find any useful information on Alfa sewing machines, but I do know that it is pretty old, comes from Spain and has one stitch! I was interested to see that the needle eye faces side-ways instead of the front-facing eyes I’ve seen in the other machines I’ve worked with.

Thanks so much for this machine, K!


  1. The machines in the costume shop had side facing eyes (the it was had to get used to mine again). Can’t wait to see what you whip up…

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