Thanks for Giving

On Thanksgiving, a friend of mine showed up with a bag of shirts she thought another friend and I would like. At some point in the evening, once most of the hosting (the rotation of warm food and desserts through the oven, the washing of all the cutlery so new arrivals could eat) had been taken care of, we decided to have a trying-on fashion show. Yes, this is how we phrased it.

Heading into a room, this friend’s friend who is also our size followed us in to try some on as well. The three of us passed the shirts around, rejecting those we didn’t like, verbally noting the ones we really liked, and laughing and talking. What is it about trying on clothes that makes it so social? I always forget this since I don’t usually go shopping in regular stores, but place a good bag of hand-me-downs in front of a friend and me and it’s party time!

It was so much a party time, that after returning to the gifter after the clothes session and being sent back to search for the shirt we overlooked, we got into the longest fit of giggles I’ve had in ages (over something completely different) and those sitting in the hall began laughing at our laughter!

Anyway, these are the shirts I went away with.

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