Nurturing creativity

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” ~Pablo Picasso

I am constantly reminded of how easy it is to discourage someone’s creativity. So many people I know tell me that they “can’t” sing. They speak this to me, audibly. So obviously they can sing! They have been told, however, in one way or another, that they should not sing. It’s amazing how one negative response when earnestly sharing a new discovery, talent, or attempt at a creative endeavour shuts people down.  A friend of mine made something for me for Christmas.  She is creative through writing and cooking but doesn’t usually craft and was nervous about gifting this to me.

Well, obviously I love the thought and caring that was put into it and I am now the proud guardian of this cute little bear!

Last week I taught another friend to crochet. One thing I am looking forward to doing in the coming year is to stretch my skills further while learning from /teaching friends to expand theirs!


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