Knitting in the New Year

I spent new year’s eve with my college roomate and teammate, chatting, nibbling on snacks and knitting.  A few days before I saw her, she asked me to teach her to knit.  She was so exicted after purchasing the yarn that she taught herself to knit beforehand.

It was a wonderful way to slow down, evaluate our positions in life at the moment and the previous year, and enjoy time together.  In the past week, she had intentionally slowed down each evening to knit and reflect on her day. 

My new year’s promise is to work on becoming more organised for things that matter and to get past the things that don’t.  I already have moments of mindfulness in my week; rowing on the river or falling asleep at night, but I want to expand my attention throughout the day. The starting place to begin this year was as simple as unsubscribing from unwanted emails.  I hope that this organisation enables me to remind myself of the things that are important, particularly slowing down and being in the present.  When eating, commuting, re-stocking shelves of yarn while working, and anywhere inbetween.

What are your successes or struggles with achieving mindfulness?

Happy New Year!



  1. My research professor was big on mindfulness, we had to keep a journal about how we were incorporating it into our lives. We had to slow down and really look at things, then close our eyes and use our senses and focus on what we were doing at the moment. No more multitasking… In the class, we found the two new mothers on maternity leave were the most mindful. Go figure!

  2. That’s really interesting- I guess many of them learned to slow down and pay attention to what their bodies were saying during pregnancy and then the joy of parenting reminded them to stay mindful.

    I have never been as connected to my thoughts and feelings and everything around me as I was throughout college- for similar reasons: wonderful sociology, anthropology, art and theatre classes…

    Creative journaling is a practice that I am diving back into as a step in the process.

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