Sewing Skills and Clothing Maintenance

After observing my niece repeatedly shove both her phone and iPod into her hoodie pocket and catch them as they fell back out, I noticed that her pocket was torn almost half-way off.  I asked her why she didn’t fix that and she said she didn’t know how.  Cue the aunt! I told her to get ready to learn, grabbed the supplies and set her up in a well-lit area. The knit material was actually the perfect fabric to learn basic clothing repair on since it is forgiving with its stretch and the thickness can easily hide any mistakes. Incidentally, she did a fantastic job!

I really enjoyed showing her how to do a backstitch (here’s a link  incase you forget!) and then sitting and watch her take care of it herself! It also reminded me to get my needle and thread out for my own wardrobe and I’ve mended several holes this week.  Hopefully she’ll mend more of her clothes in the future!



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