Organisational tasks completed this week

There is just something so optimistic about bright, frozen January days that make me enjoy organising life for the up-coming semester, season, year, or even just afternoon!

1) Switching my student loan billing back to electronic.  Some time last calendar year the loan companies decided that if I couldn’t prove (via java script) that I could read pdfs, (which I could read but just not “prove”), then billing reverted to paper. This is not a good strategy when I live in another country. With a new computer that is recogonised in this decade, I have switched all correspondence back to electronic.

[1.5) I have a google documents spread sheet set up with all of my loans/debts listing the total ammount, when it was disbursed, whether it is subsidized or unsubsidized, the total amount, etc. This tells me exactly at a glance what date I should pay each (although I pay everything on the 10th since some are due on the 14th and others on the 21st) and enables me to easily see which ones have higher interest rates or are closer to being paid down.]
2) Filled up a bag for the charity shop. Mostly clothes, some books.

3) Lost a pair of gloves on the bus. I’m quite bummed about this and am putting a positive spin on it by telling myself that I now have more “organised” drawer space.

4) Organised my schedule for the up-coming semester, during which I’ll be tutoring 7 classes.

5) Worked on gathering my thoughts on my thesis…in preparation for my viva (thesis defense in the US)!


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