A Doctor’s Coat


At the charity shop last week, I spotted this cute peacoat. I have a long and large peacoat appropriate for wearing over many layers but nothing lighter for Scottish winters. This jacket was listed as £12.99 and I was unsure about spending that much.
I tried it on standing in the aisle and looking in the mirror, looked it over and saw a button missing on the inside- easy to replace. I pondered the price for a while longer, knowing I needed a professional jacket for Winter interviews or events but unprepared to pay more than £7.
I decided to try it on in the changing room and then saw that a bit of the cuff was scraped down- like wool or fleece can get when worn.
I waited to speak to the manager about the pricing, wondering whether the price was the “like new” price or if it had been priced with the wear in mind.
She said that the cuff was just dirty but I held it at and angle and showed her it was worn. Just then, I received a phone call I had been waiting for so I appologied and answered it, thinking I had just lost her patience. She went into the backroom.

As I got off the phone, she returned and then pointed out that the coat’s lining was messed up (it was puckered where the previous owner had sewn the back button back on), although it was not visible on the outside.
As she did this, I could tell that her attitude had changed and she was actively seeking flaws with the coat. After I agreed about the lining, she said that she was going to have to way-lay (or something!) the item.
I then got slightly nervous thinking she was going to have to give it to the scrap collectors instead of selling it, and asked “what does that mean?”
She replied that she was going to have to get rid of it and would I be able to give her £5 to get it off her hands?
I was relieved! I thanked her and mentioned that it will be perfect for interviews and said that it was difficult to find peacoats (well, I said duffel coat, as they’re called here in the UK) in charity shops!
So, I now have a cosy 80% wool coat with a great collar that buttons up very high!
The first dressy occassion I wore it to was my PhD Viva/Thesis defense yesterday. I am going to be a DOCTOR! So, this is my Doctor’s Coat!



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