Looking forward to some deep sea adventures!

A little boy I know recently got into sea creatures and the ocean. When I learned this, my mind drifted to a large box of old national geographics (spanning several decades!) waiting to be claimed in the boathouse. I searched each edition for evidence of an aquatic connection and made it home with this stack. I’m looking forward to collaging with him (if he’s interested!?) the next time I go for a tea and a chat with his mom.

I also managed to pick up a magazine from one of my sisters’ birth month! The recipient will have to wait for her birthday, although I will say is that it is either June, July or August in the 60s, 70s or 80s!



  1. Do you ever wonder how many people follow your blog? You post such interesting little pieces of your life, especially when photos are included, that I can’t help but check back every so often to see what adventures Riotflower has been up to lately. I thought you might like to know that you affect many people you don’t even know.

    Good wishes to you!

    -A shy blog follower

    • Hi Evelyn!
      Yes, I do often wonder if anyone reads it! I am really glad you enjoy the posts- “welcome” and “looking forward to having you back”!

  2. Aw! you are so sweet! I am sure he will LOVE it.

    That certain little boy was VERY disappointed when we were in MacA’s this week and you weren’t there…

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