Art; light, lines and movement.

Look at this artwork- the way the solid black conveys movement through the lines, the texture and shape of the piece.

The way the separate components create the whole.

What a beautiful hat…

Wait! What? You thought I was talking about the sculpture in the background? Nope! Just a hat I am crazy proud of having completed!

A friend kept borrowing another friend’s black, ribbed knit hat and I decided I would make her one.  I used the brimster hat pattern but needed to alter the decrease.  I swatched and the aran weight yarn I was using was perfect but the number of stitches cast on were going to make the hat too large for the recipient.  Instead of casting on the original 112, I used 108 and just knit the tube to the stated length.

Then, since I wanted to make sure I used the same sort of decrease (using the same number of rows as the original pattern so I didn’t make it too tall), I counted how many stitches I needed to lose each row.  The answer, in this case, was six. If I only decreased by six as stated, however, I would have to decrease for much longer and the hat would be taller.  Since the hat was knit in the round, I couldn’t simply cut out a few stitches on the ends when calculating how to decrease with less stitches.  The pattern asked that I lose “96” stitches by the end and end up with 16. It knit a few stitches and then began the decrease pattern, knitting a few at the end of the round as well.  Excluding the knit at the beginning and end, it was a pattern repeat of 94 each row but I only had 92 to work with after subtracting the 16 that needed to remain.  In order to lose a total of 96 stitches without lengthening it, I decreased by 8 stitches each round and it worked perfectly.  The recipient loves it and has worn it constantly!


  1. The hat looks good! I love the second photograph!I am excited to try a brimmed hat… excepted just a crocheted one sometime.

  2. Beware! You end up getting followed around Boots by Security when wearing this hat, though the hoodie and baggy jeans didnt help much either! I do like my hat though!

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