How to Propagate Snake Plants from Cuttings

Growing up, I was surrounded by snake plants. We had them in the living room, sometimes in the bedrooms, in the office and other rooms around the house. They’re great for purifying the air and for making me feel that a home is truly a home! If you want to grow some, just snip a bit of a leaf off from a mother plant and root it in water. They are very slow growing plants so it will take a long time. I put mine in water in June and didn’t see roots until August. Somewhat counter-intuitively, until you think about the biology of cell energy use, the smaller clippings produce roots quicker than the larger ones. Once they have a good root system, they can be potted.  Since my life was busy this fall, I did not pot them until this month, when two of the three began sprouting a second leaf from the bottom.

Not only are they great purifiers and pretty darn cool looking, they require little attention. If you have a darkish area (there was always a snake or two in the hallways of my childhood home), they will grow fine there as well. They also like to be pot-bound and sparsely watered.  Talk about the perfect plant!

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