See this happy girl pausing in the shadow?  She is carrying home her new (to her) guitar for the first time!

After attending a meeting with two very good friends, they told me they were headed to the gym.  I walked back to theirs and hung out only to answer the door over an hour later to the surprise of my “doctor present”.  They found a second-hand guitar on gumtree and knew I would love one.  I was baffled and humbled and said thank you in a confused sort of way and then did the only thing I could do: tuned the guitar.  After it was tuned, it began to dawn on me that the scene as I describe it was actually happening.  I then gushed thank-yous to them for ages!  The guitar came with one pick, a set of strings and a how to play DVD; it was clearly a holiday gift deserted.

The following weekend I managed to track down not only a decent guitar case within my range, but a beautiful second-hand one that is even sturdier than the new ones I had looked at.  I got it for £10 less than the lowest new price I could have hoped for. 

It is wonderful to hold and play a guitar again and I cannot wait until my fingers ‘bend’ back into their former playing shape!



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