Sculpey Clay

When I was in the US for Winter break, I met up with two friends I hadn’t seen in a very long time.  We figured it was around 8 or 9 years for each of them.  In addition to catching up with one another and re-creating that friend space after many years apart, we had a crafting afternoon and evening.  We had tons of delicious things to nibble, interesting stories to share, giggles and some deep philisophising: all together, a perfect crafting session!

During junior high school, I spent a lot of time making things with fimo clay.  Sculpey clay, is very similar.  This was the first time I learned to make swirls and colour-embedded-within-other-colours shapes.  My first attempt yielded slightly holey (due to the air bubbles I didn’t get all the way out) so I made the layers thicker this time.  As I sliced them, I realised that I had made the layers too thick but they resembled fern fiddle-heads…or, the letter J.  The latter coincidence was perfect as they were created for someone by the same initial.  It wasn’t until I returned to Scotland that I strung the beads together to create this necklace and bracelet set.


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