A treasure at the pound shop!

There is a pound shop at our mall that opened up within the past year that is so un-characteristically like the full-of-junk pound shops that I am used to encountering, that I often slip and call it the dollar store.  There are, of course, plenty of junk-selling dollar stores.  This one, however, is laid out in a way that just evokes isle after isle of dollar-store prices on soap, sturdy-enough kitchenware and other things.  While I do not enter the mall very often, I find that I enjoy just walking the isles of this store every once in a while, to make me feel as though I am near my family.  It may sound silly to think that walking amongst isles of random objects could make me feel that way, but it is laid out in a very similar fashion to the dollar store where my parents life.  And so I like to wander there.  I have probably been in there about 4 times by now, never usually buying anything because the level of quality is just under what I expect from a dollar store.  Until this weekend.  I found a hyacinth plant!

I have no idea if a pre-potted hyacinth really should cost around £1 or if it is closer to 23p or £9…that was irrelevant the moment I saw them sitting there!  The smell of hyacinth smells exactly like Spring to me.  This, is what makes me feel close to my parents since our childhood backyard had clusters of white, purple and pink hyacinths popping up each year, usually around Easter.

I carried this lovely triad of plants around the store, day dreamed of a visit to my family, and knew that I would have a little bit of spring blooming in my room very soon.


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