Spring sunshine and scarves

Silk scarves.  To me, they are for women twice my age and for those who are not bothered by the silk production process.

A second-hand scarf changed this for me.  With second-hand silk, I am not supporting the supply and demand for animal maltreatment, and I am keeping something out of the landfill.  Double positives.

But this is not just any silk scarf.  It is a long, brightly coloured scarf with yellow flowers on it.  On the grey and windless day I walked by the charity shop entrance, it lifted its corner and beckoned me nearer.

At first glance, I dreamed of the sunflower fields we could frolic together, the new cities  we might explore, and the burst of colour I would be when pairing it with green!

Since I have only worn scarves in my hair (and with this first silk scarf, I find it is harder to keep in place than previously used fibers), I searched for a few ways to carry them off.

In retrospect, I may have been convinced by the writers at academichic that such scarves are appropriate for those of us in our 20s and 30s, by their posts in February (a.k.a. Scarf month).  [Update: Sadly, they retired their blog several years ago and I can no longer find it.]

One comment

  1. Nice fine… keep you eye open for more scarf. Jessica at Happy Together makes a really cool scarf dress.

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