“Irish Potatoes”, a Philadelphia Area Tradition for St. Paddy’s Day!

One of my absolute favourite spring time treats each year is Irish Potatoes! Both of my parents, going back several generations of grandparents, grew up in Philadelphia and Irish Potatoes are a Philadelphia area tradition. Yes, there is real potato in them and they are sweet. If you like coconut and cinnamon, you will love these. For me, it is always a test of restraint to wait until they are dry before I gobble them all up (and maybe share a few).

My Mom’s Philadelphia Irish Potato Candy Recipe: 

Instead of exact measurements, this recipe uses a ratio. You may see Irish Potatoes being sold with cream cheese in them, but they traditionally only have the following ingredients in them.

  • 1/2 cooked mashed potatoes (instant are fine)
  • 1/4 confectioner’s sugar
  • 1/4 shredded coconut
  • Mix together when potatoes are warm and roll into balls. They should roughly be the size of 50 cent pieces, or about 3-4 centimetres.
  • Let sit until cool and roll in cinnamon. Let air dry a bit for a few hours or over night. Once dry, roll in cinnamon again and store in a container that is not air tight. If they are placed in an airtight container, they tend to sweat.

If you like these, why not try making Coconut Cream Eggs or Peanut Butter Cups?


    • *different*? Can they be irish potatoes if they are different from this? better give them a new name! : * )

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