LOVE Everything. How would you describe the taste? DELICIOUS TIMES.

I have a new journal.

I picked up a spiral-bound, graph-paper notebook from the charity shop.  Its cover and companion pen told me that it was a freebie from a medical conference or something of the sort.  While my favourite journals have blank paper, the second best option is graph paper so at least I can write sideways on the lines, if not at an angle.  Spiralbounds are always a bonus too!


  1. Do you have Wilkinson’s up there? They sell what contact paper/fablon stuff for about 50p a meter or something. If not Wilko’s, then try a stationary shop–its cheaper there than the market Fablon stuff.

    • I think we do have a wilkinson’s…at least the name is vaguely familiar as a brand.
      I managed to get some packaging tape from a moving company- I walked by the window and saw clear tape. I’ll check out wilkinson’s too- thanks!

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