Accidental Daffodil

I had a job interview today and couldn’t wear my smartest outfit (what I wore for my Viva) since I wore it to an interview at the same place last week! So, enter brand-new (to me, thanks R!) white and black shirt. Worn with black trousers, cardigan, shoes, bag, coat…see the problem?? I needed to add a bit of colour somehow so thought I’d try making a wee corsage to go on my cardigan.

I have begun making crochet flowers many times but never finished them simply because I decided at one point in the creation process for each, that they were turning out to be ugly.  I think my aesthetic rejection was of the size and texture, because this tiny cotton flower makes me happy! I used embroidery floss, a 1.75mm hook and begun a vague flower, which turned into a daffodil.  I added a leaf and sewed it to a safety pin. I think I’ll make a few more!

Oh yeah, the interview went well and I will be needing many more office-worthy outfits from now on!



  1. google rubeania and check out my daffodil pattern, you could work them in #20 crochet cotton and come up with a really small daffodil

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