Covering the Void

This week in Stirling, council members began an interesting project of re-beautifying the city centre.  Many shops began to close about a year and a half-ago.  They either reopened and re-closed as quick ventures, or remained closed and gathered layers of posters, grime and our ignorance as we learned to glance past them, discounting their existence in search of viable store-fronts.

When Woolworth’s closed in the mall ages ago, the council advertised the new fitness centre with window posters covering the entire storefront.  It brightened the space and diverted our attention from the real problem that stores were, in fact, closing.  Then, a long-disused shop displayed a form of promotional poster for Stirling, to balance out the construction taking place on Baker Street.

Now, there are several stores on King Street (home to a good 7-10 shops on one block which are closed or closing) sporting this new form of mural.

While I’m not thrilled about the reason that they have had to be more creative with store-fronts which have lain vacant for (probably) longer than ever before, I am glad that they are finally doing something to put a little colour back into the town.

Although, perhaps, lower rental fees for upstarting or local businesses wouldn’t be rejected…

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