Companion Bracelet

One of my favourite necklaces is this bird one I made last spring, which matches both the blue and green outfits I wear often. I have needed to repair it for about a month and finally sat down to the task.  This time I used a 20Lb test fishing line instead of the original 6…I don’t want to take any more chances!  Luckily, it only broke when the Altoids container I transport it in fell so I wasn’t missing any pieces.

It was additional pieces, however, which I found when grabbing the fishing line.  I had exactly enough beads left over last year to make a bracelet and never got around to it.  Originally, I think I was holding off to see if I really wore the necklace.  With the necklace repair complete and a new bracelet,  I have a blue-skies and green-grass singing bird set!

This repair marks the first of many awaiting: another necklace, two pairs of work trousers to hem (one purchased 4 years ago (!) and one handed-down), and a bag.


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