Possible Shirt Alteration- Opinions?

I need second opinions on this.

I received a stack of clothes from a friend over the winter and one of the shirts had a dingy velvet-like button band.  I soaked the shirt, spot treated and scrubbed it with various stain products…and then eventually placed it back in my wardrobe while I thought about solutions.

What I am thinking of doing now, is folding the button-hole side (the dingy one) inward and closing the shirt using snaps. In this plan, I would remove the collar and use the fabric to replace the strips of dinge on the cuffs and maybe create a flower or interesting shape to attach somewhere on the front of the shirt.

The original shirt is in the first frame and a rough idea of the outcome is in frame two.

What do you think- would it look okay with a mandarin collar and hidden button placket?


    • Hmm…I hadn’t thought of dying the strip. That’s an idea. Although I’m not sure it makes sense in terms of energy and time to remove it, dye it and reattach it. I had been thinking about replacing the fabric strips on the button band. It is definitely a more time intensive process than using snaps.

      • Or you could just sew a strip of ribbon over the top of it. Stitched vertically down the left hand side and horizontally at intervals if neccessary. The buttons would still button through the holes behind and this would not be fidle becouse it would be open on the RHS but neither the buttons nor the velvet would be visible. Can’t tell from the picture, would this make it too bulky?

      • Hi Lucy, welcome!
        I don’t have access to a button-hole function at the moment, so sewing a new ribbon on will be tricky since it is the current button-hole band. Or, did you mean as a sort of envelope from the button side to slot over the button hole band? If so, I think that may make it bulkier.

  1. Oh, I like the collar, maybe one look button, it looks choky. The the velvet looks bulky, have a satin ribbon instead?

    • Youngwifey- one less button? Yeah, I may move the top snap or button down lower. At the moment there is currently a top button- Do you think I should remove it or simply never use it? I’m looking for style continuity here…

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