Corduroy Blazer

This post is long over-due, since I have had this blazer for about a month! Compared to the year or so that I spent looking for the perfect chocolate corduroy blazer in charity shops, however, a month is entirely understandable.  My love for this blazer, may not be!

It is slightly stretchy which I find really nice for the elbows and shoulders compared to my non-stretchy cord blazer.  The pockets are the perfect size to hold my phone, a train ticket, or lip balm, and I have worn it with endless combinations of jeans, khakis, and tweedy brown dress trousers (a new, unphotographed, charity shop aquisition) in combination with practically every colour shirt.  Finally, the lapel is wide enough (and the fabric not too thick) to comfortably hold any brooch or pin I place there! For its comfort in wearing, warmth when I need it, and versatility, it’s a 10!



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