My 30th Birthday

I turn 30 today!

This post has nothing to do with creating, but oh-so-much to do with sparking my creativity! Last weekened my honey and I accompanied her mama to France and I saw and experienced so many wonderful new things.  Just like my first day in Mexico, my few hours in France were spent trying to figure out how much the Epcot-like surroundings around me were actually rural France and how much they had been spruced up to look nice for tourists.  It turns out, Epcot just did a great job.  Not that I have been to Epcot for 17 years or anything, but France surprised me by looking so perfectly “French”…I mean, in the style of Beauty and the Beast and ‘ello ‘ello!

Anyway, this little birthday girl, Riotflower, danced with the flowers….

chatted with the lizards (two types!)…

wandered the streets…

consulted her elders…

considered new angles…

sampled some delicacies…


and made a wish!



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