Thrifted Locket

I found this lovely brass locket at the charity shop a few weeks ago and quietly squealed when I saw a photo inside! I have no idea when the locket is from- the part of the chain just outside the photo frame has metal tubes and beads on it. There are three letters on the back that I can’t decipher.
The catch on the necklace is pretty weak and it fell off when I first wore it in the house, so I am waiting until I find a clasp delicate enough to add onto it as a safety ‘gate’.
I think it is fantastic that there is a loved one from the past circulating in the present. I wonder about who she was, how she knew the locket owner, what kind of adventures she lived, where she roamed, and how old she would be today. As an anthropologist, people fascinate me and as a daughter of a geneaology enthusiast, I appreciate old photos. I guess I have to figure out when the locket is from!
I have to say,  while I’m excited about the photo inside and feel no negativity from it, those who watch horror films dislike the idea of this trace from the past.
What do you think? Creepy or Cool?



  1. Definitely cool not creepy. It’s such a pretty locket, but the photo makes it super awesome. Like something you’d find in a novel.

    • Oooohh….a novel! Sounds fun!…I keep trying to make up a story about her but need to know the location/era lived first…

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