De-dazzled Jeans

See these ordinary jeans? Not so long ago they were not-so ordinary.  They were the product of some designer remembering the bedazzler from childhood and thinking it was a good idea to sell jewelled-up jeans to adults.  There were small sparkly rhinestones lining the edges of back and front pockets as well as the front belt loops! I took a before photo some time in the Winter but now cannot find it.  Just imagine sparkles in unnecessary places!

I actually adopted the jeans from a truck-load (literally- there were at least 5 large trash bags full of clothes) that my old boss brought into work one day for us poor and creative students to look through after his wife cleared out her closet.  These jeans still had the tag on them. Obviously.  Who could actually bring themselves to wear the jeans? Okay, maybe I am ripping on them too much since I have worn them to the supermarket provided that my top was covering all pockets.  Since the rhinestones were applied with some industrial glue, I found that they could be persuaded off with the right anount of pressure.  This process- even with determination thrown in- was a bit painful and I would stop after maybe 5 each time.  And so it was going to take, and already had taken, me months to finish.  On Sunday, wonderful honey took all the rest off and now I have a brand-new pair of jeans!


  1. Different feeling! Looks very good! But I like the deep color! I usually buy it here, I like jeans! I’ll recommend it!

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