Repaired and resurrected

In the autumn, my old bosses were going to get rid of a dyson vacuum.  They said it kept cutting out when they tried to use it and it was time to throw it away.  I thought it was probably the filter needing a clean and they gave it to me and wished me luck.  I carried it home through down, cleaned the filter and discovered that  it still cut out.  I unblocked the tube and no joy either.  It then sat in my room for months.

A friend suggested The Repair Centre in Riverside, Stirling and so I phoned them up and droppped off the vacuum.  They work on all household electrical appliances and their set working fee is a decent amount.  When I dropped off and picked up, there was a steady number of happy customers commenting, chatting and thanking them for their service. If that doesn’t say something positive about the business, nothing else can.  Although the reason the dyson wasn’t working was fairly simple, I will definitely be taking any other jobs to them!

What was causing the problem was a wee plastic collar stand that you get in collared shirts at the store.  It was so far inside the vacuum, it was blocking the motor from getting cooled down, causing the overheating every 20 seconds or so.  The store I used to work at sold such shirts and had plenty of those plastic pieces hiding in the corners.  So, I now have a perfectly functioning Dyson that only cost me £25!  I’m glad it didn’t need a motor or some other expensive replacement part because I really needed a working vacuum!

Check out the repair centre in Stirling on 01786 478999.  Go to this website for information on getting anything else repaired in the Stirling area.


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