Apple love

On Saturday, we sat down to a delicious breakfast of buckwheat pancakes and many forms of apples.

Clockwise from left, is apple sauce, jam, apple butter, and stewed cinnamon apples from Bramley and an unknown type of apple.  We used up the bits that were left over after filling and sealing jars or freezer containers (where the apple sauce ended up).   I thought of adding a few apple slices but refrained!

On Friday night, we picked a large bag of red apples.  I found the tree behind a block of flats and saw apples spilling onto the ground around it. The doors were at the front of the building and I didn’t think it made sense to ask permission at 10-15 front doors to pick up fallen apples.  The public path was right next to it, so I decided to cut down on their yard litter…Because really, the only people that enjoy drunk stinging insects feasting on rotting fruit is the drunk stinging insects themselves!  I’m so glad I decided to be a bit brazen because these are delicious apples!  I have no idea what type they are, but they are red inside, making the apple sauce quite dark red as you can see from the first picture.  Do you know what type of apple these are?

To top that all off I received another bag of apples from the friend who handed me the Bramley apples.  These ones are Discovery and and wow, there is nothing in the world quite like the flavour, texture and scent of fruit that has only travelled a few hundred feet!

Two weeks of processing three types of apples into many, many containers full of Summery goodness and I think I’m in a pretty good place for the Winter considering tomorrow is only Autumnal Equinox.  Goodbye, dear Summer.



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