Love and Pancakes…served gooey

Sunday morning, my honey was mixing up pancakes when she remembered two perfectly ripe bananas in the freezer. Excited by the thought, I made tea, set the table and settled onto the sofa to chat as she cooked in her tiny kitchen.

As we talked, she mentioned that I was the Pancake Queen. I wasn’t sure why she would say that since it took me over an hour to make these pancakes last weekend. I have also been known to serve scrambled pancakes.

After seeing her transfer 4-5 pancakes to the plate, she called me over to check that they were cooked in the middle. I looked in the pan to see it deep with oil. I laughed and said she was deep frying them! When I asked if she always made pancakes that way, she replied that she was unsure that the margarine was doing its job, so added some oil. I suggested that she turned the heat down and not add anymore oil.

She then began listing all the foods she could make and I agreed, acknowledging her culinary skill. She can cook delicious meals and I feel lucky when I eat what she makes. She enjoys cooking and approaches food in a way similar to how I do: valuing the resources; working to create healthy food in creative ways; and, enjoying the tastes that are created. Yes, I feel lucky when I think about those things. Watching her stand there and fret about ‘imperfect’ pancakes when she wanted to serve a perfect breakfast, however, made me feel even more lucky and loved.

A bit later, she brought one over for me to try and it was the crunchiest pancake I had ever tasted! A strange sensation. It was hot, crunchy and full of gooey banana. In short, it was amazing! It made me think of the Fall Fairs happening in the US right now and the funnel cake scent wafting into the sky. Since Honey had brought Nutella over, I decided that it was perfect to be eating dessert foods during Sunday brunch and joined in.

We giggled as we served ourselves and mentioned it becoming our specialty. I think deep-fried banana pancakes will taste delicious with vanilla ice cream and we will probably make them again. Making me banana pancakes on a Sunday: she’s the real specialty.



  1. Glad you used the funnel cake comparison. What a lovely Sunday brunch! Jack Johnson is my favorite, I’m glad you posted his song!

    • I was thinking about funnel cake that morning before we started cooking, when I heard you were headed to the fair later. And of course I posted the song- It was in my head from Sunday afternoon on! : * )

    • Thanks Gwen! Yes, Honey is amazing…I can’t describe how it catches me off guard in a way sometimes- like, it’s Still deepening, ya know?
      I would love to meet Your Honey some time this Winter! (hint!)

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