New Phillies Fleece

Now that Summer has passed and I can no longer wear my Phillies visor, I’ve wanted something to sport my baseball team on my days off.  This led me to scan Amazon over the past week, eyeing up hoodies and fleeces- both Phillies and plain ones since I had a lovely patch waiting to be used.  I also thought I would keep an eye out on red or blue hoodies and fleeces at charity shops, but didn’t expect to see any colours that weren’t too faded.

Saturday, I felt the need to go into one specific charity shop and looked at a few racks.  Just as I was about to mention that I wanted to keep an eye out for the hoodies, we spotted one! I thought it was going to be too short, but it fit perfectly and was actually brand-new (the button and button bag were still tied into the internal tag). 

The fleece is soft, warm, and the neck can fold down or button-up.  With the addition of the Phillies logo, I now have a brand-new baseball fleece!


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