Mini Pumpkin Pies

Last year, I carted 6 rectangular pies around the country for Thanksgiving.  This year, I will be taking the pies with me to work first, before carting them to another part of the country.  I will be zig-zagging my way South for our next Thanksgiving celebration and I wanted something that would be easier to carry and put in different fridges. I also did not want to have to hunt for pie tins.

Mini pies were the solution! I made them in my cupcake tins. With one batch of pumpkin pie filling, I got 40-some mini pies.  This also required 3 batches of crust.  I par baked them for heating up on the day.

What Thanksgiving adaptations have you tried? Which have been disasters and which ones worth repeating?


    • They’re in the freezer just now. I’ll defrost them Friday morning, let them mature on Saturday then serve on Sunday.

      What mini desserts are you making?

  1. I tried making Pumpkin cream pie–its like a pumpkin-y custard/pudding with a digestive biscuit crust. However, because I couldn’t get Jell-O instant pudding I used custard. The custard didn’t work, so the cream mixture was really liquidy, and so I broke up the base and made pumpkin cream parfaits instead 🙂

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