We decided to not give gifts or valentines…

but my honey ended up with this handmade tie!

We’ve both been busy recently and instead of taking time out from each other to quickly make cards, we spent our weekend time wisely: together.  On Saturday, we wandered to the farmer’s market, to the castle, to the pub, and then home to have a delicious dinner. Yesterday afternoon, honey wondered what she should wear to a Valentine’s day event she had planned.  I said I could quickly make her a ‘pocket square’ in some red fabric I was sure I would be able to find somewhere in my stash.  Then, I suddenly remembered the cranberry coloured cotton I’ve hoarded for a few years and declared that I would make her a tie.  Not that I had ever made one before! 

Fortunately, I found this very clear tutorial.  We then spent about an hour literally untangling the contents of my sewing box and another hour at the supermarket, where we picked up ink for the printer.  At just around dinner time, I was ready to go.  It was time intensive to measure and iron many long sides but will probably be much quicker next time.  I’m pretty happy with the outcome and will definitely use the pattern for more ties.  As for last minute spur of the moment gifts?  I’m thrilled to be able to have the time free to make last minute gifts again.



    • I would have taken apart a regular tie if I had time to plan, but we decided this on a Sunday afternoon (charity shops closed) and the pattern was great! I’m definitely keeping it on file.
      Incidentally, as I cut out the pieces for the tie, I kept thinking about the many ties I dissected for sewing projects in jr. high & high school.

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