Gifts for babies- a puzzle

What do you make for a baby who will be raised in a city in the desert? Where the buildings are climate controlled and the evenings do not seem so cold?

How to craft for a baby who’s mama can do all sorts of crafting at a much higher skill level than you?

Any ideas?



    • Mmmm Giraffes….Hmmm! : * ) That’s another idea. I have been thinking about monkeys and squid a lot recently.

      I once started crocheting a cute bunny for a baby but she was born before I could finish it and once I had met her, I decided that there was no way it was good enough. I guess the trick is to finish gifts before I meet them!

  1. Deserts = cold nights. And babies always need snuggly layers and blankets!

    Since you’re so awesome at sewing and patches, what about applique? You could buy some solid colored onesies and then cut fun shapes from stash fabric and sew them on. Also, even if I was the best seamstress in the world, I would be thrilled to receive something you’d made — your personal style is great and can’t be duplicated!

    • I know deserts have cold nights- but not sure about this particular desert as it’s a city…

      And *thanks* for the huge style and sewing compliments! I appliqued a turtle and made a patchwork blanket before…hidden somewhere in the archives if you search turtle. I like the onsie idea and I might modify that to bibs or such.

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