Daffodils Everywhere

On Friday night, Honey and I took a walk in some wooded parts of town and noticed daffodils sprouting up everywhere.  They were on all sides of the paths and even grew up between the sleeping sticks of other larger plants.  It was a lovely walk and evening.  On Sunday, Honey suggested another similar walk.  I didn’t bring my camera because the weather looked like it could dump heavy rain. 

In addition to the beautiful daffodils catching the afternoon sun, we also saw the occassional hand-picked daffodil strewn into–or just out of–the path.  We began to collect these languishing beauties, thinking it would be wasteful for them to just get trampled or ignored.  By the time we were done with most of our walk, we had about 7 in our hands.  I have to admit, that I made Honey carry them lest anyone think I had yanked them out of the ground.

Coming to a park, we sat down on the swings to swing for a while.  I then spotted tons of daffodils seemingly sprouting through another stand of  ‘sticks’.  I stared and Honey did as well…and we realised that it was actually many, many handfuls of picked daffodils thrown aside.  Perhaps a child (or a few) picked them all and then got embarassed or scared and discarded them, because there was also a small shopping bag with several flowers hiding inside.

We picked them all up and brought them home.  Now, we have 5 bouquets of daffies about the house!  From destruction comes (temporary) beauty.  


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