Leafy Crochet Lace

I adapted the fan bookmark to make a slimmer and leafier version. I posted about my swatch back in 2009 and finally got around to writing the pattern. I have been using the lace as an embellishment, like trailing vines.

With cotton thread and appropriately sized hook:

  • Starting row: Chain 3 and ss together to form loop
  • Row 1: Ch 2, 5dc in that loop.
  • Turn, chain 3 (count as first dc)
  • Row 2: Dc in next space, ch1, then dc and ch 1 until end of row. There are now 6 bars.
  • Row 3: Turn. In each ch1 space from previous row: sc, ch2, sc.  Repeat across the fan. This creates  a picot.
  • At end of row Do Not Turn. Chain 3 and sc to side of the fan, chain created in previous row
  • Turn, ch 2 and dc 5 times.  At end of 5th one, sc into last previous picot.
  • Repeat from row two until it is the desired length.  Block and sew on to embellish fabric!


    • Thank you, I had it planned for an event in July and tucked it away for a bit and need to get it back out! Thanks for the reminder.

    • Yes, it would be. I haven’t done this, but you would be able to have the broad parts of the leaf of one row fit into the narrow parts of the other- as the row would be facing in the opposite direction- and loop it around a stitch from the previous strip of leaves to secure it. Just as you have secured the leaves at the end of the row when just working on strip. Sounds like a great idea. I’d love to see a link to the final scarf!

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