Leafy Crochet Lace Pattern

I adapted the fan bookmark to make a slimmer and leafier version. Here was my original swatch. I love the way my version looks like trailing vines and the fact that it can be made as long as you like. Scroll down for the free pattern.

Leafy crochet lace embellishment for clothing and homewares

Leafy Crochet Lace Pattern

With cotton thread and appropriately sized hook:

  • Starting row: Chain 3 and ss together to form loop
  • Row 1: Ch 2, 5dc in that loop.
  • Turn, chain 3 (count as first dc)
  • Row 2: Dc in next space, ch1, then dc and ch 1 until end of row. There are now 6 bars.
  • Row 3: Turn. In each ch1 space from previous row: sc, ch2, sc.  Repeat across the fan. This creates  a picot.
  • At end of row Do Not Turn. Chain 3 and sc to side of the fan, chain created in previous row
  • Turn, ch 2 and dc 5 times.  At end of 5th one, sc into last previous picot.
  • Repeat from row two until it is the desired length.  Block and sew on to embellish fabric!

I’d love to see the lace you make from this pattern and what you use it for, so feel free to share a link in the comments below!



    • Thank you, I had it planned for an event in July and tucked it away for a bit and need to get it back out! Thanks for the reminder.

    • Yes, it would be. I haven’t done this, but you would be able to have the broad parts of the leaf of one row fit into the narrow parts of the other- as the row would be facing in the opposite direction- and loop it around a stitch from the previous strip of leaves to secure it. Just as you have secured the leaves at the end of the row when just working on strip. Sounds like a great idea. I’d love to see a link to the final scarf!

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