New Garden

Let me tell you about our new garden…
When we arrived, we had to walk through the tall grass

and negotiate with the locals while cleaning the recycling bin

to get to the treasures that we knew were hiding there.

Some of the ones we first saw, were this strawberry patch of wild and cultivated strawberries

and a hairy mouth whispering secrets

belonging to a monster in the middle of the veggie patch.

Things are blooming and unfurling every day and I don’t know what half of them are until they open their buds.  The unknown plants may turn into flowers, or food so we’ve been hesitant to take anything out unless we know exactly what it is.  Basically, we’ve only removed dandelions (which count as food anyway!) and extra clumps of ornamental grasses.

Of course there are familiar things like spittle bugs (what plant is this?)

and poppies but overall, we’re making this up!

To keep track of our vegetable growing and flower identification attempts,  I’ll be keeping Garden Files so stay tuned.



  1. Love it! My parents bought their home from an older couple who ran a nursery out of the property. They made them promise not to dig anything up in the first year so that they would see what everything was. I just came home to a garden full of peas!

  2. Yay! Love the fox glove hairy mouth. Today I went to my old house (to walk to new owner through the plants in the garden and proper care) and saw a tall stem of white fox gloves… oh how I miss my gardens… So excited for you!

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