Green Stones

I ordered some beads online and made one from malachite for Honey and green garnet for me.  Honey usually wears a black seed bead necklace and I wanted for her to have some stones around her neck so went for a dark green as a transitional colour.  I wanted something larger and liked the properties of green garnet, so went for that.  They were intended for a special ceremony next month but I’ve been wearing mine most days (as I’ve said before, I wear a lot of green and it also goes well with my other favourite colours of blues and purples).  I also found the perfect top for that ceremony and my necklace will no longer be visible so that plan has changed and I can wear it everyday guilt-free (there’s no point wearing your ‘something new’ so long that it becomes your ‘something old’)!  This will certainly not be Honey’s something new since she wears hers everyday. I may need to put a new (only silver plated) clasp on hers before then since I can’t convince her to take it off when she showers!

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