My First Shave

I shaved the lawn for the first time!

Yes, shaved the lawn.  You see, we have a plug-in mower, without wheels. This is the old British standard and you just sort of shove it forward and drag it back*. There is no height adjustment and since it is such a close shave, the grass doesn’t get the chance to stand upright as you slice over it.

This results in both stubble…

and bald patches!

Before we started, we thought our model was broken and borrowed a neighbour’s.  After fussing with hers for awhile and searching online, we realised that the trick is to hold the button down the whole time you are trying to start it up while squeezing the lever. We’ll know in the future that they’ll be no cushy grass here, just barely visible plant base! But at least the lawn is now ‘shorter’ and fits in with cultural expectations of horticultural manicure.

*I have since been told that I was meant to swing it from side to side…


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