Deliciously Scented Decoration and Toy

I did a bit of gardening out front, where we have lavender, sage, rosemary, mint, and lemon thyme wildly growing.  The old and gnarled rosemary bush is a recent addition, which the neighbour dug up from her garden soon after we moved in.  I wanted it to establish a bit before I trimmed it into shape.  It was growing as if an alpine shrub, formed crooked in the wind.  I cut quite a bit off the longest side and now have bundles drying in the kitchen.  I don’t know if I’ll have enough to make beauty gifts (though I plan on trying out soap some day, now that I have a backyard!) but would like to some day make: essential oils and rosemary bath soak.  Perhaps focaccia  shall be on the menu this week!  What’s your favourite use for rosemary?

While most people know that rosemary is useful for cooking, few know of its entertainment value.  One cat showed interest in the rosemary as I bundled it so after a quick check that it wasn’t harmful to cats, I chucked it onto the floor.  They played with it for a very long time. One kitten would steal it from the other and chew until his brother came along and stole it back, or they would swat at the branch between them! Organic, free and deliciously scented toy!



  1. Apple Jelly with rosemary. It’s delicious. Traditionally it’s eaten with pork, but it’s also excellent with peanut butter in sandwiches.

    • Mmmm…that sounds good! I made Apple jam last year (American Jelly, but not British- I’m not a fan of the vinegar in the British Jelly!) and it filled a long-empty spot in the range of things from home I can buy in the stores here…exactly for peanut butter sandwiches, I will definitely think about making some with rosemary this Fall! Thanks.

  2. When did the kitties get collars? Also I LOVE rosemary. How are you planning on making the soap? My friend gave me a book about soapmaking and stuff–I can see what’s in there for you, if you like!

    • They’ve had them for a few weeks and we put them on most days, but the collars are kinda large still so we supervise the kitties while wearing them.
      I haven’t read up on the two different soap making processes in a while so can’t really remember, but definitely want to give it a try. I’d love it if you could check in the soap making book for me- If there are any recipes with things that we can realistically purchase in the UK, etc.

  3. That sounds like the rosemary bush that used be in the back garden before moving to next doors front garden. It just keeps moving around!

    • Haha- yes, I was told that you had given it to the neighbour! I thought it would go nicely with all the delicious herbs in the front yard we inherited from you :* )

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