Rootin’ for Our Veggie Patch!

I doubt we’re going to get any zucchini this year since I’m pretty sure the female flowers closed up before the male flowers opened.  One goal for this season’s gardening was to get a zucchini harvest since I’ve been told that growing zucchini in a pot (we have some in the veggie patch and in a pot) is just about the easiest thing to grow. I figured, if we failed at that, we fail at everything!

While I’ll be somewhat disappointed if we don’t get any zucchini this year, our root veggies are fine so far.  We thinned the carrots and the radishes and got cute little versions of each!  Honey doesn’t eat radishes, so I claimed them and she got the carrots in the deal.  I most certainly got the better part of the bargain with the delicious salad I made!

I think the 2-inch leaves are just about as large as I would use raw since they seem like they would be too rough at a larger stage.  I chopped the root and greens up, added thyme from the front yard and drizzled on olive oil and balsamic vinegar, topped off with cracked black pepper and coarse salt.  It was fantastic! If you’re thinning your radishes and have enough small ones to make a salad, give this a try. Incidentally, I washed it down with lemonade infused with rosemary.



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