Yes, I Did

As Honey and I sat in the cinema waiting for the coming attractions to start (we were excited for the film so got there a tad early!), we browsed gardening magazines and a catalogue.  The magazine mentioned seaweed fertilizer several times and Honey said to me ‘we could collect seaweed this weekend when we’re in the Borders’! I thought that was a fantastic idea.  The next day, as I wandered the beach collecting half-dried seaweed (mostly ‘spiral wrack’ to be exact) and examining to make sure there were no additional lifeforms attach, Honey told me she was joking about collecting seaweed!
I jokingly told her that she lost some cool points in my book, and continued to collect.  So yes, I did wander the beach collecting dry-ish seaweed in a bag and travelled about 100 miles home with it.  I stuffed the seaweed into a container with water.  It is now sitting and fermenting. I don’t know if this is how it’s meant to be made but I don’t care enough to research it.  I make things up and see what happens.  Seaweed must be good for my plants, so any fermented water to derive from that is just another positive.



    • I might collect more and chop it in when we’re prepping the beds for the winter as we stack it up with nutrients.

  1. I used seaweed for my tomatoes a few years ago, I just crumbled the dry seaweed and raked it into the top of the soil with my hands. Your method sounds good for house plants or potted plants.

    • Yep, our tomatoes are potted and there’s not too much space to play with the dirt without harming the roots.

      Where did you let the seaweed dry? The stuff I collected was dried out, but still very flexible and only recently washed ashore.

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