Home Work Homework

After July’s celebrations, visitors and constant high pacing, we’re beginning to regain our feet around here. The house was not unpacked or decorated when my dad came for three weeks and we have now begun that task in earnest.  The first task was to do the back-log of laundry and de-cluttering that we hadn’t done when all the events were whizzing by.  This caused us to have cardboard boxes everywhere, which the kitties loved, and piles and piles of laundry at some stage in their processing.  This scene would be fine for an evening or a weekend, but we’re still busy gals and it remained for about two weeks as we dug a bit into it each night (further adding the regular chores on top of that) after work.

Clutter like this, however, is not sustainable (especially after living with stacks of books and notes for months during final thesis stages) and it became embarrassing.  As we tried to get through more of it each night and it seemed to just double in size like punched down dough, Honey and I decided that we desperately needed to stay home over the weekend and do Homework.  We needed to not just do housework like chores and tidying but also beyond that into the realm of homework to decorate and make this place feel like a home again.  We knew this was the case when a friend stopped by one evening and we were not at all embarrassed by the fact that we were both in stretched out, mismatched pajamas at 7:30pm, but by the fact that our friend has seen into our house at all!

This weekend we hung curtains, shelves, a few pictures, deep cleaned the kitchen and begun to get a feel for where things should go in our house.  These photos are the ‘before’ (read before the Summer party chaos!) pictures and when the laundry is dry, I’ll snap some shots of the ‘after’.  Although this place immediately felt like home, it is finally beginning to look like home.



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