Scrubbin’ Up Nicely!

A friend recently gave us a set of natural dish scrubbers, which I was excited to try out.  They work really well, feel great in our hands and replace the need for disposable scrubbing sponges (fabric rags just can’t get some things).  I use a loofah for my face and, although it somehow never occurred to me to use one for my dishes,  it rang a faint bell of memory as I used it.  I’ve always wanted to grow loofah and here’s another use on my list for the plant!

Edited to add: A friend asked if food got caught and it doesn’t seem to get caught any more than in the scrubby top bit of disposable sponges. I give the dishes a quick dunk/rinse first to get the larger bits off and then wash away.  The stick thing on the very right is fantastic at getting the harder pieces. I’m not sure yet how to replicate that! If anything does get stuck in the loofah, it’s not very hard to rinse it out at the end of the wash, like any other sponge.



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