Lavender Harvest

A few weeks ago, the flower spikes on my lavender began to show. This week they were ready for harvest! The general internet consensus is that flowers should be harvested when dry and before the heat of the day. In Scotland, it’s a waiting game for the first part and often a sure-thing for the second part. I cut enough to fill a large box (about the size of a shoe box for boots. Now, I just have to decide what to do with it! I’m thinking tea, some sort of Christmas gift, and perhaps some soap making!

Drying lavender is best done once the flowers are open, but it seems that essential oil extraction is better before the flowers have opened.  I may still try making oils

Edited to add: I tied bunches together a few ‘tiers’ deep with a loop on the top.  In order to minimise bud loss, I hung the strands inside an open paper bag. We had a large paper bag with handles in the pantry and I hooked that over the same hook as the lavender. I’ll check the bunches every day and rotate for even drying.

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