Searching for and Collecting Trash

Most of the time people try to get rid of their trash, but last week I was trying to gain trash.

The bad news: our bin had been missing for several days and Honey finally found it at someone else’s house, with our numbers peeled off the top (but nice and shiny clean in the shape of the numbers)! We (obviously) took it back and I traced the number outline right on with permanent marker. Why *steal* bins when you can get them free from the council?

The good news: I saw these two tables on top of a dumpster and asked the neighbours if they would mind if I took them. They said to go for it, so I took them home and scrubbed them up! The one on the left is now a bathroom shelf while the one on the right is our night stand. I plan on stripping the wood back and sealing it a ‘natural’ if the wood underneath is in decent shape.



    • Thank you! I’m looking forward to seeing what lies underneath the grimy finish. I will need something strong to strip it, I think, because my neighbour’s turpentine substitute didn’t quite get through. Any tips for getting thick finish off but not damaging the wood? Should I condition the wood before sealing it again?

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