Our Cabbage

We had high hopes for the cabbage.  My mother-in-law started the seeds for us before we moved into the house, and the plants seemed to be happy where we placed them.  It was a non-heading variety and we did get a few leaves off of both plants.  There had been a few holes on the outer leaves earlier in the summer (perhaps from the mother moth or butterfly as she laid her eggs?) and that wasn’t a problem.  Only at the last minute, however, once the cabbages were close to what we considered a decent size, did we see the damage.  There were suddenly holes everywhere and caterpillars deep inside where we could not reach.  So, we dug up the cabbages and put them in the council compost.

Next year:


2. While they were fine in the garden patch on the right with sun for a lot of the day, try them in the new under-hedge patch where we’ll be growing the veggies that work all year round in Scotland/shade-ish places. A long row should be able to be netted.

3. Plant sage next to or between cabbages. It deters cabbage moth, beetles and carrot fly, apparently.

4. This year it grew between marigolds (to deter slugs, which was a success) and fennel. Keep the marigolds near, but move the fennel next year. I’m reading that while fennel is great for attracting beneficial insects (and perhaps also the culprit?), plants do not like to grow next to it.



    • Yeah, it’s strange since it draws beneficial insects so you’d think plants would love it…I have just read it and haven’t read exactly why.

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