Corn is not something I would think to try and grow in Scotland, but the seeds were started for us and who am I to refuse hopefulness? We received six seedlings at the end of May and planted them into the ground in June.

From then on, every time I looked at the corn, I had this song in my head:

Only one of the plants has ‘flourished’ in any way and is now several feet tall.  The photo below shows the surprising development from August, on the 16th, 22nd and 29th!  Who knows if this single ear will be edible, but we grew an ear of corn! Next year we’re going to try some in the front yard, against the wall.  It will get sun for all available hours of the day (when it’s sunny, of course!) and the wall may help store and radiate heat to the plant.

Next year:

1. Start seedlings in toilet paper tubes and plant out front against the wall.

2. Include plenty of companion plants!


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