Yesterday, I was off work and got to spend the day with a friend and her kids.  I do not get to see them nearly enough. We blasted rockets, practised super hero powers, played with play doh, climbed slides, worked in a factory that processed wood chips to (magically) make bread and robots, went for a walk, watched caterpillars, played instruments, got drooled on, cried at, laughed at, told jokes, and lived a lot in a short time. We also drank tea, talked about passports, travel, homes, families, music, and any other topic that blew into our minds with the lovely autumn breeze.  And I had a wonderful time.



    • I wish I wasn’t as busy as I am, I’d certainly play more! Maybe some of your friends think they need an invitation to go play? Get some good waterproof boots and adventures are always possible in the rain! In Scotland, we just have to figure rain into every plan we make and it’s a surprise if it ends up being dry! : * )

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